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Rizq is the UK's first fully digital alternative Islamic banking app. Rizq bestows a personal and seamless digital Islamic banking experience, which fully appreciates a Muslim’s core values - on an emotional, as well as a lifestyle level. It is extremely simple to download, use, and sign up to - plus Rizq saves you tonnes of cash on everything from daily shopping, to overseas money transfers. Rizq enables you to make lightning-quick payments, set up budgets, donate to any charity of your choice, and collect cashback in some of the most popular retailers the nation has to offer - all in one easy, slick App. The task of opening and maintaining ethical Sharia-compliant banking products in the UK is confusing, tedious, and operationally traditional. British Muslims are looking for a current account that can provide a seamless experience within the western world, without compromising on their beliefs and value system. Unfortunately, current banking solutions are disconnected to the audience, and those people who engage them. So - whilst Muslims want to create meaningful connections within the community, to support local charities and businesses, and generally empower their finances to be a driver for positive change - it is difficult to achieve this without an enabler. Enter, Rizq. The Rizq team have lived the problem, and are now solving it by crafting a personal and seamless digital Islamic banking experience. Our aim is to facilitate financial success within the community, by developing a really high performing and useful product, which does not conflict with Islamic beliefs and establishes a real bond with its key stakeholders (i.e. the customers).

Founded Date: 01 Jan 1970
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