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The Zeal: A leading trusted global solution provider, offers world-class equity investment screening, data analytics and related financial services per Shariah and Islamic / Ethical guidelines. As a pioneer in promoting Shariah-compliant investment strategies, The Zeal is now the first choice for investors to break new ground in the global expansion of Islamic Finance. The Zeal assures accuracy for investors building Shariah-compliant portfolios as the screening process is validated and accredited by the world-class Shariah Advisor (Usmani & Company Shariah Advisors: Under supervision of Sheikh Taqi Usmani who is the chief patron of the company and current Chairman of AAOIFI (world’s only Shariah Standards setting organization) and many international institutions) and highly experienced management. Pakistan’s both Shariah-complaint Indices ( KMI 30 Index and PSX-KMI All Shares Index) at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) are screened by Meezan Bank along with The Zeal by using Zeal’s state-of-art technology platform. The Zeal screens every stock by world’s seven most acceptable methodologies of Shariah complaint screening. This approach results in an increase of the universe and thus provide more added value to the portfolio managers from a strategic point of view. This gives an extra edge to them to dynamically define flexible products. The Zeal does not provide a blanket Shariah-Complaint certificate but provides certification for each individually screened stock. Currently, we offer our services in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan. At the moment, our international universe is composed of over 700 Shariah-complaint stocks including large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap in different sectors. We are continuously working on screening of new stocks and thus increasing our universe. In addition to our Shariah stock universe we also do the on-demand Shariah-Complaint screening based on the Portfolio Manager’s requirement. The Zeal member of XBRL international and XBRL US, also provides platform services which is used as a gateway for investors seeking Financial Data Services, Portfolio Management, Regulatory Filings and Corporate Actions / News (e.g., annual and quarterly reports and earnings announcements), Insider and Institutional Trading Insights, Equity Research. Business and Strategic Alliances Usmani & Company is one of the most respected Islamic Finance and Shariah consultancy firms in the world, offering investment banking, restructuring, and M&A services to companies worldwide. Dar Al Sharia World’s largest advisory firm for Islamic finance and Dubai Islamic Bank's advisory arm and is an all-inclusive provider of Shariah Finance solutions. Meezan Bank: Pakistan’s first and largest Islamic bank Trading and Portfolio Management Services Our robust platform allows us to build unique partnership with TD Ameritrade (one of the largest brokerage service provider in USA) to provides an opportunity for customers to trade in US market with Shariah complaint stocks, while our partnership with Interactive Brokers allows to trade the equities in world’s top 30 largest markets.

Founded Date: 01 Jan 1970
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